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Open deeplinks in a lightbox

During a discussion about deep linking to my photos from google+ collections to my website it was mentioned that the user experience wasn’t optimal. When you click on a photo which is uploaded to google+ it opens in a nice lightbox. But external links, and as such my deeplinks, just open a browser with a page.
So I want to share a  simple technique to fix this and open deeplinks  in a lightbox.

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This plugin implements a system to connect pages or posts to a sellable item on the site (which is called in the Netherlands).

It keeps track of how many people click the link to your art or shop and shows it in the posts/pages overview.

If you want to see what it looks like click here and pick one of the photo’s in the “for sale” category. The wordpress plugin page has screendumps from the admin side of things.

For more information see the plugin page or install from: wordpress ohmyprints page


Image to postlist

I was  surprised to find there was no plugin or option yet to show the featured image in the lists of posts. As I use the featured image for my photoblog  which was something which had irritated me before. There are only so many names one can give to a photo of a mushroom after all.

Hence my new plugin which solves this problem.  See the plugin page for more info