Oh my prints werk aan de muur

This plugin implements a system to connect pages or posts to a sellable item on the site www.ohmyprints.com (which is called www.werkaandemuur.nl in the Netherlands).

After installation you will find a widget in the widget menu, a new field in the edit pages of posts and pages where you can fill in the artcode for the product you would like to link to, and a new “sale clicks” column in the posts and pages overviews.

The widget checks if an artcode is present for the current post. If this is the case, it shows a sales text which links to the object with the artcode. If no code is found, it links to the general personalised shop page on the ohmyprints site.

Every click on this link is handled by ajax and recorded in the objects metadata. The total of clicks is visible in the posts and pages overview. Numbers marked with an asterisk (*) are not for sale, but are clicked nevertheless.. This could be an indication of interest.

If you want to see what it looks like click here and pick one of the photo’s in the “for sale” category.

Download: wordpress ohmyprints page


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