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screenshot-2Show an rss feed on which is  somewhat or very different on every page. I implemented this plugin to show the reviews of my plugins on the plugin pages as shown to the right of this page (as soon as there would be  reviews..;)

Download: wordpress pluginpage





The RSS in the menu on the right is handled by rss per page.

  1. First I created a category for every plugin
  2. Then I made sure that the existing news was in the right category.
  3. On the plugin page I used the category slug for that plugin in the RSS ID field
  4. And last but not least, I added the URL as to the widget settings.

@ID@ is replace with the contents of the RSS ID field and the relevant news is shown as a result.

Example 2:

A  unique feed on every page.

  1. Put the feed’s URL  in  the RSS_ID field of the page where you want to show it
  2. Use only the @ID@  in the widget settings.

Hence the url as given in the RSS ID is used in the widget.

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